1904     First consolidated schools – 4 room building (frame). Grades 1-10. Known as the Center School. Students graduated from Youngstown South High School. Total enrollment was 90 students.

1911     First building was moved to the current location. Cost was $5,000. Four room addition was constructed. High school becomes a 3-year school.

1916     Center section was added with first gym in the area. The school was rated as the best in Ohio Academically.

1918     Boardman received a charter for a four year high school. The first four year class graduated in June of that year. First graduation class has 3 graduates.

2017     100th class graduates from Boardman High School. To explain: The first graduation class was in 1918. The Class of 1968 would be 50th anniversary of graduating classes but the 51st class to graduate.

1918 - 1st class

1919 - 2nd class but 1st anniversary

1920 - 3rd class but 2nd anniversary.


1968 - 51st class but 50th anniversary


2017 - 100th class but 99th anniversary

2018 - 101st class but 100th anniversary.


Therefore, we are having a year long celebration of 100 years of four year diploma BHS graduates starting with the class of 2017 and ending with the class of 2018.


The Boardman Alumni Association and former Boardman Schools Superintendent, Frank Lazzeri, have discussed the 100th anniversary for the past several years.


In  fall of 2016, a 100th anniversary planning committee was formed to include Tim Saxton, Superintendent; BLS administration; alumni and community members. The committee is planning four signature events to highlight the pillars of the school--Academics, Arts/Music and Athletics. We chose to kick off the anniversary year with a community celebration on June 3, 2017.


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To all administrators, staff, alumni and volunteers

that have helped make this a special year.

Special THANKS to Tim Saxton, Vickie Davis & Amy Radinovic

for your guidance and constant support.