Sunday, June 3, 2018

CLOSING CEREMONY for a special year long celebration of 100 years of Boardman High School graduates will be Sunday, June 3,  2018. Calling ALUMNI from ALL graduation classes to lead the 2018 Seniors into graduation. Looking for 1-2 graduates from all classes to parade into the gym and "clap in" the graduating Class of 2018. We will meet in the BHS library at 1:00 pm and begin procession at 1:45. Those who want to stay for graduation (that do not have family tickets) can watch a live broadcast from the Boardman Performing Arts Center. We are hoping for representatives from as many classes as possible to join in this commemorative ceremony. MUST PRE-REGISTER BELOW!


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To all administrators, staff, alumni and volunteers

that have helped make this a special year.

Special THANKS to Tim Saxton, Vickie Davis & Amy Radinovic

for your guidance and constant support.